PonchoPunks are a collection of digital collages made in 2017. At the time digital art will still niche. After the NFT boom the collection found a new light.

About the Artist

My name is Sam Bel I’m the creator of PonchoPunks click here to view the collection on OpenSea. I grew up in Queens, NY and ended up in the street art world early on in my life. As things developed I became a digital artist, worked developing websites and apps. For nearly 7 years is when I learned the in’s and outs of Photoshop. In 2017 however, I dedicated an entire year to putting together a digital art collection of work.
I would print my designs on pillows, cold messaging friends and family. I’d approach skate-shops and offer them merch to simply showcase my work in their shops. I eventually grew tired of it and put my collection away.
Nearly 5 years later, 2022 I approached a good friend of mine and asked him for his advice, he’s a Crypto investor, then showed him my work. He was blown away. He motivated me to get this collection up. Fast forward and there is so much attention now.
NFT’s changed the game for digital designers like me and I hope it continues on this way. This collection means a lot and now let’s discuss a roadmap.


  • Launch collection
  • Sell 1/3 of collection
  • Sell 2/3 of collection
  • Sell entire collection on Opensea
  • Re-invest in paid marketing to bring in new buyers for the collection, allowing initial buyers to profit
  • Once collection reaches 100k in royalties 20k donation to Oakland Punks with Lunch organization https://www.punkswithlunch.org/
  • Once collection reaches 100k printing exclusive pillows with the designs chosen and reaching out to (10) collectors to send it to them
  • Once collection reaches 350k (10) surprise collectors will be gifted framed canvas pieces of their purchases as a gift
  • PonchoPunks collection hits >900k there will be an exclusive party in New York City and providing all original, present owners with invites

Utility $PNCHO Token

The $PNCHO token has been created, as the collection reaches 200k we'll be airdropped tokens to all buyers/resellers. The tokens sold will then be used to re-invest in selected DeFi platforms, allowing for repurchasing of 10% of the collection. As well as offering staking of each piece for a profit.