Meet Sam Bel
Digital Designer, Developer, Consultant, Converse Wearer

Sam Bel

💌 [email protected] — 🇺🇸 New York City (EST)


My story begins from a helpful tip given by one of the top Graffiti artists in NYC. He told him to “learn Photoshop” or “hire a designer” when I asked him how to start a clothing line. After five years as a Senior Interactive Designer, I took it a step further.
Since then we’ve worked with Coachella, Guess Jeans, and countless other small businesses.
Now we’ve grown a community of entrepreneurs, experts, and artists known as the Rebel Cafe. A digital multi-platform meeting place for those who think differently and want to help others. We’ve raised tens of thousands for charity and made priceless connections.
Currently in the Web 3.0 space, I launched PonchoPunks a collection of NFT's focused on artwork created in 2017. I also became the founder of a VR/AR company called Vnntr Cybernetics based out of NYC and Puerto Rico.
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Sam Bel