Vision and Values
Creative freedom, community, research

The Vision

Where design meets technology to improve people’s lives financially
Sam Bel International at its core is a technology company focused around you. Let us cater to your specific digital needs. We'll simplify the process of obtaining, implementing, and utilizing technology within your business flawless. Now the vision has evolved. Implementing NFT's, Augmented Reality, Cryptocurrency and Advanced Web Development.

Our Values

Creative freedom, community, research.

Creative Freedom

Creative freedom is a concept of respect in the world of design and technology. Where the vision and ideas of the developers and designers are considered in all projects. Making it a collaborative environment, although remote.


We believe in personality responsibility in lots of ways, because we're all part of a network or community, sub-Reedit or Facebook group. And we should consider that our words, messaging, ideas are being considered by a substantial amount of people. So it's important we follow concepts of the greater good. Meaning our intent is to help and be of service.

Research First

We challenge our own and others' assumptions through qualitative and quantitative research. Not sure about an idea? Test it.